"Slide and Plug": Provides Safe Use When Plugging Into Electrical Outlets

​Electricity is a vital component of our lives today. But, sometimes it can come with some ‘pain’.  The new Slide and Plug is a modified electrical outlet covering that features a raised construction specifically designed as an assistive device in guiding and inserting a plug into an electrical outlet.  The design intent is to provide consumers, particularly those with mobility, dexterity or vision impairment, with an easier and safer means of plugging in electrical devices without the risk of potential shock by accidently touching the plug prongs or electrical socket.  It is easy as 1,2,3.  Simply slide and plug!

This unit is fabricated of a durable and non-conductive plastic material. It has a 3-D like appearance. At the actual outlet port the area is recessed to serve as a channel for effortlessly guiding a plug into and out of the outlet. Single, dual, triple outlet, and more can be produced and design consideration can vary as well. After replacing the exiting outlet cover with the Slide and Plug, the user inserts the plug into the electrical outlet by sliding it along the raised channel allowing the prongs to slide directly into the waiting receptacle. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Slide and Plug.

The Patent Pending Slide and Plug was invented by Michael De St. Jean of Valaparaiso, IN who said, “The Slide and Plug is designed in such a way that the hands of the user never touch the prongs of the plug or the socket itself thereby eliminating totally the risk of an electrical shock. It can be used for plugs that connect televisions, stereos, appliances, computers, battery chargers and more while ensuring safe use. I have donated several, including to the visually impaired. Once used consumers say they will never again be without it. Slide and Plug works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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