"Slip Track K-Clamp": Tool Modification Enables Carpenter to Work Faster, Safer and Easier

​Tools used in the construction industry can be dangerous to the user if not handled responsibly. Whenever a new tool becomes available it is usually for safer and swifter working conditions. This is true of the Slip Track K-Clamp. It is a specially modified C-clamp tool for use in carpentry and construction endeavors. By narrowing the C-clamp teeth it allows these teeth to fit through the slots of a slip track. The design intent is to provide a line of C-clamps that are cleverly modified to more easily grip the slip tracks on I-beams, thereby rendering installation faster and more efficiently.

Products in the Slip Track K-Clamp line resemble a common C-clamp, or a C-shaped tool made of durable steel that is used as a security device in many carpentry, welding and woodworking jobs. Yet, the Slip Track K-Clamp possesses notable differences. While this product is offered in various sizes to accommodate different needs, each Slip Track K-Clamp is smaller and more lightweight than standard C-clamps. Most notably, this tool’s top and bottom edges feature a handy, tapered shape as opposed to a wide flat edge and this design facilitates a more secure attachment through the slots of a slip track. When the Slip Track K-Clamp is engaged, it can slide through the open slots of the slip track as well as under the I-beam ensuring a secure grip during the installation process. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Slip Track K-Clamp.
The Patent Pending Slip Track K-Clamp was invented by Robert Kopacz, Jr. of Rosamond, CA who said, “Simply by attaching a Slip Track K-Clamp and with just a squeeze of the hand, the user is able to achieve precision is a matter of seconds. No matter where it is used it allows access and swift secure attachment that current tools do not achieve. It is lightweight yet quality material and eliminates the struggles created when using common clamps. It works perfectly.”

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