"Smart Chopsticks": Dual-Purpose Chopsticks!

Invents unveils "Smart Chopsticks" which grasps solids while also allowing user to drink the broth without picking up the bowl.

​Finally, there is an improvement on chopsticks. Smart Chopsticks are designed to meet a need shared by millions of consumers in the United States – and billions of consumers world-wide. They are dual-purpose chopsticks that enable the diner not only to mix, grasp and deliver food to the mouth — as do all chopsticks, but also to cleanly, safely and discreetly enjoy the delicious broths, sauces and juices at the bottom of the plate, dish, or bowl.Smart Chopsticks have improved on conventional chopsticks by incorporating a lengthwise hollow core, a drinking straw, into them. The disposable one-use chopsticks are generally fabricated of bamboo. Re-usable chopsticks may be fabricated in molded thermoplastic, carved in fine woods, or molded in fine ceramics. Prices vary accordingly and a very fine pair of chopsticks is considered a work of art.

Smart Chopsticks are fabricated with a hollow opening at either end running the entire length of the stick. Thus, the Smart Chopsticks function in the manner of both the conventional chopstick and in the manner of a drinking straw.  Smart Chopsticks were designed with the user in mind and conceived to serve those who love and enjoy Asian cuisine. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Smart Chopsticks.
The Patent Pending Smart Chopsticks were invented by Mohammed Essa of Marina Del Ray, CA who said, “The Smart Chopsticks are a combination between normal chopsticks and straws. They serve the user as two-in-one utensils. They work as normal chopsticks but can also be used as straws at the same time. They work perfectly.”

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