"Smart Head 1 Smart Head 2": Helmet Signals Direction of Cyclist of First Responders, Law Enforcement and Civilian Bikers

​Where are you going?  That is easily projected to other motorists and cyclists when using this new and very special helmet.  Smart Head 1 Smart Head 2 is a product line of protective helmets for police and civilian motorcycle helmets, as well as firefighters’ helmets that collectively feature bright, battery-powered, LED lighting turn signals, brake lights, hazard lights and headlights.  They operate wirelessly and are incorporated directly into the helmet(s)—the Smart Head light provides citizens, police and emergency first-responders with greatly enhanced safety and visibility.
The Smart Head 1 Smart Head 2 helmets operate wirelessly through rechargeable internal batters and remotely through Bluetooth and each helmet includes a battery-charger, a power-cord, and a USB/mini-USB cable. Smart Head 1 motorcycle helmets feature a compact solar panel to aid in charging the unit. Smart Head 1 has a police version which would also apply to the blue light. The helmet becomes active when the rider turns the ignition key. The Smart Head 2 line is equipped with a series of LED light panels extending along the sides and around the back of the helmet and these panels flash in different colors. This line includes a high definition, heat-resistant video camera and a thermal imaging scope viewfinder to aid in locating victims in thick smoke. Individual helmet lights of each crew is activated all at once through a Bluetooth signal when their engine arrives at the scene or when they open the first hydrant.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Smart Head 1 Smart Head 2.

The Patent Pending Smart Head 1 Smart Head 2 was invented by Alvin Shrouder of Brooklyn, NY who said, “There is absolutely no doubt as to the difference a helmet makes in a motorcycle accident. In the case of my Smart Head 1 Smart Head 2 the helmet can also help prevent an accident in the first place. It can save lives by giving riders better visibility in traffic. In a similar manner Smart Head 2 provides life-saving helmets with prominent high-visibility, a camera and thermal imaging for firefighters.  It works.”

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