"Smart Pecker Head w/WiFi": A Highly Accurate and Low-Cost Diagnostic Device

Invents unveils "Smart Pecker Head w/WiFi" a three phase power meter instrument for real-time measurements of all three phases.

Keeping up-to-date on maintenance is a vital part of a successful business regardless of the type of industry. When working with this new software application, consistent operation is guaranteed. The Smart Pecker Head w/WiFi is a motor termination device capable of measuring amps, volts, watts, phase, power factor, Pulse Width (PW), and Hertz (Hz) via WiFi and a computer, tablet or smartphone using the Smart Pecker Head w/WiFi software application. It is also capable of monitoring rotation.

This unique product is a highly accurate and low-cost diagnostic device that is easy-to-install with a snap-in mount on the panel. It installs directly into the motor termination box or at the Motor Control Center—and it will save users numerous dollars by preventing motor breakdown. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Smart Pecker Head w/WiFi.

The Patent Pending Smart Pecker Head w/WiFi. was invented by Ricardo Garcia, an electrician for more than 30 years, who said, “Motor repair is costly and time consuming. It is wise to prevent the need for fixing it before it is actually disabled and requires repairs. Installing this device allows the user to monitor all the motors before they breakdown. It is ideal for auto, industrial, commercial equipment and more and displays voltage, current, power, power factor and total value of PF. It literally warns users, thus giving sufficient time to prevent the breakdown of a motor before it happens. I have a utility patent.”

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