"Smart Selfie Stick": Snap That Selfie With Ease!

The Smart Selfie Stick is a line of telescoping support monopods for use when taking a selfie. In this age and time, everyone knows what a selfie is, and how to take one. This Smart Selfie Stick will feature a fully rotatable smartphone/camera holder and a line of detachable base stands, including a tri-pod, square base, and clamp base, for free standing selfies. There will be 3 different versions, one will be similar to a standard selfie stick, but will have a rotating cellphone holder and detachable stand. The second version will be similar to the first, but will have a speaker and cellphone charger and optional flash for night time pictures. The third version will have the option of adding many different cartoon character designed selfie sticks, and will light up. 
The Smart Selfie Stick will provide an easier, more effective means of capturing selfie pictures, and video from all angles, including vertical. It will be compact and lightweight, and can easily be carried in a backpack or something similar. Most important is the rotating device holder, adjustable stick, and expandable base that will improve the limitations now faced with the common selfie stick. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Smart Selfie Stick.
The Patent Pending Smart Selfie Stick was invented by Raymond Fernandez of Corona, CA who said, “The Smart Selfie Stick will fully optimize the potential of cellphones, and the selfie photo. Expanding the distance between the photographer and the device, you will be able to photograph a larger area of background scenery, as well as include more individuals in the photo.”
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