"Snap and Go": Perfect Detergent Packaging for Consumers and Laundromat Users

​The Snap and Go is a secure, portable receptacle or packaging concept specially designed for housing and managing powdered laundry detergent. An enhancement to the packaging design of powdered laundry detergents that incorporates handy snaps and/or Velcro® into the containers to secure them shut, the design intent is to provide users with a simple yet effective tool for preventing detergent spills while facilitating easy portability.

The Snap and Go is essentially a square shaped, sturdy cardboard box similar in style to common detergent packaging. Instead of a pull-tab lid that cannot be re-sealed, a pair of female-style snaps are located on the inside of the lid lip, with companion male snaps fitted to the top exterior of the box. In addition, a snap-on carrying handle is provided with each box, with its snaps more practically positioned under the lid. The Snap and Go is a packaging concept that readily accommodates any brand of detergent and is made available in a variety of sizes from small, laundromat vending units to larger, family-sized boxes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Snap and Go.
The Patent Pending Snap and Go was invented by Bernitha Gales of Paramount, CA who said, “I was tired of having to find containers to put my laundry detergent in because once a box is opened it can no longer be carried by the handle. I bought Velcro® to improve the boxes and subsequently designed the Snap and Go. I believe Snap and Go will be well received by all users and manufacturers will find consumer brand loyalty because this packaging works so well.”

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