"Snow & Ice Melting Device (Evaporating)": Is a Power Tool Heating and Melting Apparatus

Individuals who occupy the northern climates are accustomed to snow and ice but that doesn’t mean they enjoy cleaning the walkways, sidewalks, and driveways. Now there is a product that makes the task simpler and easier. The Snow & Ice Melting Device (Evaporating) is an enhanced line of power tools/blowers equipped with a heated snow melting apparatus. By melting away snow and ice, the design provides an easier, more effective means of eradicating accumulation on walkways and driveways and as such, eliminating the need to shovel or to continuously purchase rock-salt (which is often out of stock during winter months. (Larger models resembling push or riding mowers or street sweepers will be produced for commercial and industrial use.)

This product is presented as three (3) different models, each appropriately sized to accommodate specific areas of accumulation. The larger, ride-able or drive-able models that will be used in commercial and industrial areas such as parking lots and roadways resemble a push or riding lawn mower or a street sweeper.  For general household use, there is a small handheld, lightweight unit which blows a concentrated stream of heated air. Various removable nozzles are available for different applications including door locks, car windshields and windows. A third model is more powerful and has a rear-mounted gasoline powered motor assembly complete with body and shoulder straps to facilitate security to the upper body while in use. Its appearance is reminiscent of blowers used in lawn and landscape work. Internally the Snow & Ice Melting Device (Evaporating) line of products can be used for any area and offers consumers an effective means of evaporating snow and ice. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest inthe Snow & Ice Melting Device (Evaporating). 
The Snow & Ice Melting Device (Evaporating) is Patent Pending and was invented by Rigney Hood, Sr. and Cynthia Hood of Orange, NJ who said, “The back-breaking labor resulting from shoveling snow while clearing the driveway, sidewalks and walkways ends when using one of the Snow & Ice Melting Device (Evaporating) products.  It doesn’t damage the asphalt or concrete and can even be safely used on stepping stones on the lawn. Pets and their owners will appreciate it too because it does not require rock salt.  It works for everyone.”

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