"Snow Solution": Helps Melt Snow After It Falls

​Shoveling snow is one of the hardest activities to do for anyone, but especially physically limited individuals, or senior citizens. The Snow Solution will help melt snow after it falls on driveways, or sidewalks, or any other space prone to snow accumulation. It is designed to provide the user with a simple and effective means of preventing the snow and ice accumulation in these areas. The Snow Solution would be manufactured in rectangular shaped sheets, and feature a mesh like tarp with an open triangular grid that can be spread over various surfaces. It would be slip resistant and feature an internal heating element, sensors, and thermostat. The unit would heat up enough to melt all ice and snow around it, and then power itself off.

The Snow Solution could also be applied over existing ice or snow accumulation, melting the frozen debris on contact. This would eliminate the need to spend countless hours scooping the snow away. This would also eradicate one of the most difficult tasks faced by people living in snow prone areas. The Snow Solution would offer a nonskid surface to ensure steady footing while easily allowing melted ice or snow to run off the surface of the device. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Snow Solution.

The Patent Pending Snow Solution was invented by Abdulwahab Moussa of Valparaiso, IN who said, “Shoveling snow during a very hard winter is very tiring and hard on your body. I wanted to think of something to help with this problem, and came up with the idea of the Snow Solution.”

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