"Solar Heating Control Unit-SHCU": Distributes Heated Air Around the Vehicle Wheels

​The Solar Heating Control Unit-SHCU is an energy efficient internal vehicle system incorporated at the point of manufacture, that features integrated solar powered heating elements that are specially designed to distribute heat to the areas surrounding the automobile wheels. It is designed to prevent frost, snow, and ice from building up around and on the vehicle tires during inclement weather, eliminating the need for extreme road salting. This could provide a safer ride for all during harsh, snowy conditions.

The Solar Heating Control Unit-SHCU will be a multipurpose tool comprised of a series of aluminum tubing in a skeletal shape, inducted into the frame design of the vehicle on all four corners of the auto. A solar strip panel that follows the curvature of the rear window will fit between two thin layers of glass in the rear windshield. The wiring will face towards the bottom of the glass extending into a small access hole in the A-frame or trunk area, connecting to the electric pump. A control box will be located on the dashboard that will engage the system. It is designed to provide adequate heat to all the wheels without comprising tire performance by using solar energy. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Solar Heating Control Unit-SHCU.
The Patent Pending Solar Heating Control Unit-SHCU was invented by Melanie and Bishan Ochoa of Pelham, NY who said, “The Solar Heating Control Unit-SHCU will reduce the risk of painful injury to the back and other muscles as well as possibly prevent heart attacks and strokes due to strenuous shoveling and scraping.  Also, senior citizens and those with limited physical ability will not have to risk injury trying to shovel snow away from tires.”

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