Spin Vision for Helmet Face-Shields and Clear-Vision Goggles

The Spin Vision for helmet face-shields and clear-vision goggles will keep the lenses clear of precipitation for all wearers.

Motorcyclists, snowmobilers, bicyclists, snowboarders, skiers, mountain-climbers, pilots of ultralight planes, and others use helmet face-shields and clear-vision goggles for eye-protection. While conventional face-shields and goggles do protect the eyes, they are not able to get rid of the rain, fog, snow, or mist that can form on the lens. Usually those who enjoy such activities have to stop and wait until the inclement weather passes. Conventional face-shields and goggles can't keep precipitation off, but the Spin Vision shields and goggles can.

The Spin Vision is a unique new design for the these helmet face-shields and clear-vision goggles. The Spin Vision uses a rotating disk design-powered by air-flow or by a compact electric motor-to keep the lenses clear of rain, fog, snow, accumulating ice, and mist. The Spin Vision offers eye-protection with its own automatic air-flow system for repelling any manner of precipitation. Test Marketing has been completed indicating a strong consumer interest in the Spin Vision.

The Patent Pending Spin Vision was invented by an avid motorcyclist, Emmett Hall, of Hanover Park, IL, who said, "The Spin Vision can be produced in two distinct versions: a detachable helmet face-shield, and a pair of rigid-frame or elastic-strapped goggles. The face-shield version snaps or clips onto the top and sides of a standard crash-helmet, similar to a clip-on visor. The curved visor dips down in front to support a forward-facing, perpendicular disk fabricated of clear or tinted high-impact Plexiglas. The disk is designed so that air-flow striking the disk will cause it to spin on its central axis, flinging off any precipitation. The second version, the eyeglass-style goggles feature a pair of circular lenses of similar, free-spinning design. Both the face-shield and the goggles can be equipped with a compact, battery-powered electric rotary motor, so that the rider can activate the Spin Vision when not in motion, such as when stopped in traffic. Also, the Spin Vision can be produced in a variety of graphic patterns and embellishments, logos, and designs."

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