"Sport Utility Visor": Provides Outdoor Enthusiasts With an Easily Installed Covering

Invents introduces the "Sport Utility Visor" which supplies owners of all size SUVs with expert cover for tailgating, camping, and more.

​The Sport Utility Visor is a specially designed semi-rigid canopy for the backs of a wide variety of sport utility vehicles (SUVs).  The design intent is to provide outdoor enthusiasts with an easily installed covering to be used over an open hatchback on a large or small SUV that offers protection from inclement weather in the rear of the vehicle for participation during camping, tailgating, and other similar events and outdoor excursions.

The Sport Utility Visor is made of a durable vinyl and is conical in shape. It is offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate any SUV Model from Mini Coopers to Excursions, Hummers and more. It extends outward over the open hatchback of the vehicle and secured with a series of elongated Velcro straps that extend from the top of the vehicle on each side and attach to the wheel wells.  The canopy attain rigidity by featuring a line of fiberglass battens spaced across the unit that allow it to be extended outward and remain in place in a sturdy manner while in use. It can be erected in a matter of minutes.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Sport Utility Visor.
The Patent Pending Sport Utility Visor was invented by Carter Printup, III of Anaheim Hills, CA who said, “There are thousands and thousands of people who enjoy camping, hiking, the beach, snowboarding, skiing and more. The Sport Utility Visor is perfect for use by these individuals and for sport fans it is the absolutely perfect item for tailgating. It is a ready-made canopy that adds protection and space for use during all types of weather and activities. It. works.”

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