"Spray Rite": Provides Almost Effortless but Effective Results

​Spray Rite is designed to house and dispense an environmentally sound cleaning solution for primarily cleaning exterior building surfaces, windows or pavement. It can also be used to apply fertilizer and pesticides to shrubbery and gardens of any type or size. The design intent is to provide a unique self-enclosed system that easily attaches to a hose head or power washer head, to be utilized with other spraying equipment for small or large scale cleaning or agricultural applications. (A specially formulated tablet for Fire Fighting efforts will also be produced.)

Spray Rite includes an eco-friendly, bio-degradable, tablet containing a water-soluble formulation. There are various formulations: for mold/mildew, exterior surface, window, stone/brick patio, deck or pavement cleaning and myriad formulations for gardening purposes are available and sold separately. For agricultural applications, an eco-friendly farming agent tablet irrigates a mist of anti-fungal/food/insect repellent via mechanical sprayers keeping crops safe in an eco-friendly manner. In addition, a specifically formulated tablet can aid Fire Fighters in saving lives by spraying floors in burning buildings with an illuminated, expanded polystyrene type agent that will strengthen the floors.  A cylindrical container attaches to a hose will contain the tablet. The top of the container is hinged to allow easy access to the interior of the container to add the tablet or clean the container when the task is completed. The water pressure from the hose slowly dissolves the tablet releasing the solution. The container comes in various sizes to satisfy the requirements of small, medium, large and extra-large projects. Larger more rugged versions with required adapters for various spray machinery used commercial cleaning and agricultural applications will be produced. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Spray Rite.
The Patent Pending Spray Rite was invented by Josline Massey of Newark, NJ who said, “Residential curb appeal is enhanced when homeowners utilize this product. Spray Rite is effective for cleaning, feeding and watering plant life; firefighting efforts will also be aided when using Spray Rite.”

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