"Steplights": Shoes Light Up When Walking

​Steplights is a line of removable outer soles for sneakers and other shoes that features a distinctive and colorful LED series of lights that are activated by the wearer's step. Steplights will not only offer the enjoyment of colorfully personalizing their sneakers or shoes, but would also make them easier to see when walking or jogging at night. They will be made from a tough, durable translucent rubber or synthetic rubber, and the soles will be molded with treads and bumps for good traction when walking. Steplights toe and heel regions will be equipped with a grooved border that slips securely over the outer soles and heel cups of the wearer's shoes. At the top of the heel will be a handy pull tab to make it easier to put them on or take them off.

Steplights will have a snap sealed battery compartment on the side of the heels. The batteries will power an array of bright, colorful LED's. They will be activated by pressure switches, and will come on and flash for a few seconds. There could also be a toggle switch where you could select a walking or continuous mode, or a flashing mode. Steplights can also function as a high visibility safety device, turning their sneakers into caution lights that approaching motorists can see. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Steplights.
The Patent Pending Steplights was invented by Kevin Caldwell of Simi Valley, CA who said, “The idea for these came about when I was watching kids and their light up shoes. I thought there should be shoes for adults like that with light up soles. These draw the attention of spectators and work perfectly.”

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