"Stress Free Shopping": Provides Relaxed Shopping for Adults With Activity-Type Safe Center for Their Kids

​Stress Free Shopping is a chain of daycare centers located in shopping malls, department stores, large grocery stores, and the like. The design intent is to provide safe, state certified and regulated care, play space and entertainment for children to utilize while their parent or caregiver enjoys Stress Free Shopping. This service could be provided at a nominal fee, or free-of-charge by the shopping establishment to better serve and attract customers and their families. Retailers offering this option to young parents (grand-parents and care-givers) will benefit from loyal patrons ensuring future continued shopping visits.

The Stress Free Shopping concept requires leasing, purchasing, or adding space in shopping centers (or any other place of commerce) where parents and caregivers can securely and safely drop their children off during their shopping period. Kids with health issues should have the papers from their doctor but medical staff will be available as well. In case of an emergency clients need to leave to emergency contact numbers. Each center will be approved by health department of the state and government. Safety and stress free is the name of this new play area for children.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Stress Free Shopping.
The Patent Pending Stress Free Shopping was invented by Miguel Velez of Bronx, NY who said, “Stress Free Shopping ends the problem of missing or wandering children from shopping malls or large supermarkets while parents are shopping. There will be all types of games, education activities, cartoons and video’s available in each center. The goal is to allow parents to feel relaxed and comfortable by providing their children a safe environment with numerous activities available to them. It works.”

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