"Studio Time": Portable Studio to Record Music, Edit, Mix and More

​Imagine having a mini-portable studio for listening to and recording music, lyrics, rhyme, songs and more. This new device is just that. The Studio Time is a compact, battery-powered, pocket-sized recording studio with headphones. The design intent is to offer consumers – in a device about the size of a smartphone – a means of recording, editing, mixing, and transferring their own vocal music, complete with backing instrumental and vocal tracks, special effects, harmonies, bass-lines, and drum-beats. Primarily appealing to aspiring musicians, the Studio Time is also ideal for motivational speakers, priests and ministers, actors, and more.

Studio Time includes several components. First, is a set of adjustable, premium-quality padded headphones that may be used for listening to recorded content as well as in the recording and editing process. The headphones feature a pivoting, sidebar microphone for singing or speaking in the recording process. The headphones, powered by an internal, rechargeable lithium-ion pill-type battery cell, are also equipped with a standard cord and jack for use with a smartphone, MP3 player, or the Studio Time digital console, as well as an interchangeable mini-USB cord that can be used with a personal desktop or laptop computer or the Studio Time console. The headphones feature a green/red power indicator and an On/Off button. The phones may also be used to connect wirelessly with the console for easy hands-free recording and listening; they are the primary means of listening to content previously recorded. The headphone microphone is the means of recording one's voice. The Studio Time console is the master control module where content is recorded and stored, edited, manipulated, and organized – and the repository from which recorded content can be transferred to other devices, from personal computers to CD burners and MP3 players. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Studio Time.
The Patent Pending Studio Time was invented by Charles Bryant of Millville, NJ who said, “Normally if one wants to record music he or she has to pay for a studio which can be exorbitantly costly depending upon the quality of the studio. Most amateur musicians find it to expensive but the all-in-one, portable Studio Time works perfectly in the home or wherever needed and it is convenient for practice at the user’s leisure. Others, such as actors, singers, song writers will also benefit from Studio Time.”

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