"Sure Catch Fish Buster": Take the Guesswork Out of Still Fishing!

The "Sure Catch Fish Buster" rings or chimes to indicate the bite of a striking fish.

​Even people who do not consider themselves fishermen can easily catch fish with the new Sure Catch Fish Buster. Paying attention always helps but this device is a simple and effective strike indicator that hooks over the line of a fishing rod and rings or chimes to indicate the bite of a striking fish leaving a certain amount of freedom to the person fishing.  It hooks over the line of a fishing rod and is designed for bait-fishing for both fresh and saltwater.  The Sure Catch Fish Buster takes the guesswork out of still fishing and enables anglers to hear when a strike takes place, and in turn, gives time to respond to those bites and set the hook in the biting fish that they might otherwise have missed when taking their eyes off the fishing pole

The Sure Catch Fish Buster removes the problem of a fisherman needing to be 100% totally alert while the pole is in the water!  It works in such a way that a fisherman can attend to other matters without losing the ability to hook that fish. This device immediately announces any disturbance of the bail from a tentative nibble to a full blown strike. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Sure Catch Fish Buster.
The Patent Pending Sure Catch Fish Buster was invented by Denny Alexander of Wildomar, CA who said, “No matter the location where one is fishing, the Sure Catch Fish Buster is an easy way to catch more fish and make fishing more fun and enjoyable.  It provides an easy way to know when you are getting bites even when not looking at the pole. This also is illuminated at night and provides both an audio and visual cue that a fish is biting. It works perfectly.”

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