"Sweet Leaf Scent-Sations": A Simple but Effective Scented Filtration Device

​Sweet Leaf Scent-sations is a simple but effective scented filtration device. It is intended to eliminate the odor of exhaled marijuana smoke. It is easy to use, and allows marijuana smokers to enjoy the advantages of the herb with full privacy and discretion. Sweet Leaf Scent-sations can also be used by tobacco smokers. The device is a filter that consists of scented sheets like dryer sheets, attached to a tube made of bamboo approximately 10 inches long, and having a specially designed snap on filter cap. The length of the unit would ensure that particles of the scented sheets are not inhaled by the user. You would bring the device to your lips and exhale you smoke into the tube. As the smoke passes through the tube and the scented sheets and filter, the aroma would be eliminated and converted into a pleasing scent.

The Sweet Leaf Scent-sations could be offered in a wide variety of scents. The inventor suggests inhaling through the nose after the first exhale, and exhaling again to push out any remaining smoke before removing the device from your mouth to ensure the chamber is free of smoke. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Sweet Leaf Scent-sations.
The Patent Pending Sweet Leaf Scent-sations was invented by Laurie Cramsie of Stony Point, NY who said, “Sometimes you just need to disguise the scent of marijuana when exhaling for different reasons. This will keep it private. I have tested this in a prototype form, and it works great.”

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