"T Gripz": A Line of Adhesive, Sandpaper-Like Grips for Video Game Controllers

Invents introduces "T Gripz" which is a gamer's aid to success and the perfect accessory for players.

​It is all in the grip is often said of video gamers. T Gripz will provide gamers with an accessory that is absorbent and offers better grip control of the game controller. T Gripz is a line of adhesive, sandpaper-like grips specially designed for video game controllers but also can be used on cellular/smart phones and tablets. The attachments are specially designed to lend video game controllers better gripping action, moisture control, cleanliness and comfort. Each strip is made of a material similar to gripper tape. T Gripz is offered in a variety of pre-cut shapes including numbers, letters, various shapes and illustrations.
The video game controller removes the barrier between the player and the virtual environment and the controller, held for an extended period of time, becomes moist and slippery. T Gripz gives the user additional grip and comfort and keeps the device dry and clean. T Gripz works equally well on cell phones, tablets and other small electronic devices held in one’s hands.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the T Gripz.
The Patent Pending T Gripz was invented by Todd Ryan Smith of San Diego, CA who said “I have an engineering background and it helped me design and develop T Gripz. I have higher scores now while gaming and no more “sweat” on the controller. T Gripz works perfectly.”

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