"T.S.T. Super Cleaner": Minimize the Stooping, Bending and Scrubbing Associated With Cleaning

Invents introduces "T.S.T. Super Cleaner" which will clean dirty places almost effortlessly with either of two versions.

​The T.S.T. Super Cleaner is a rechargeable, vibrating cleaner designed to extend one’s reach and at the same has easy-to-maneuver interchangeable attachment heads including scrubbers, sponges and wipers, to allow for fast and efficient cleaning and drying in those hard-to-reach places. The design intent was to minimize the stooping, bending and scrubbing associated with cleaning difficult to reach areas such as toilet bowls, sinks and tubs. The word super cleaner says it all.

 The T.S.T. Super Cleaner components include a tubular handle which also features a refillable container for the liquid cleanser chosen by the user.  The user simply presses the designated button to release and dispense the desired amount of liquid cleaner into the interchangeable cleaning head and presto—the device will be ready to clean. The cleaning head can vibrate, pivot, rotate and oscillate in any direction. The device has features which clean dirty areas in an easy manner without having to do a lot of work because it does the work for the user. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the T.S.T. Super Cleaner.
The Patent Pending T.S.T. Super Cleaner was invented by Risezette Webber of Freehold, NJ who said, “No matter what one’s age, there are days when cleaning has to be done. These duties may feel like a dreadfully painful process except when using the T.S.T. Super Cleaner.  There are two versions—the first is powered via a removable AC cord for charging with a charging station and the proper batteries. The second is manually operated without electric power assistance.  All heads will attach to this handle as well. The T.S.T. Super Cleaner is the ultimate in cleaning convenience and also eliminates buckets of dirty rags and water.”

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