"T-Therapy": Relieves Pressure and Stress That Causes Lower Body Pain

​Some people spend hours in a computer chair without moving.  Perhaps they travel and are forced to stay in a seat for extended periods of time. Whatever the situation, the lower body and back will suffer. A way to change this and keep one comfortable is to utilize this new device. T-Therapy is a lightweight, rechargeable, and easily portable cooling and heating, support and massaging device that is specifically configured to offer healing therapy to the lower back, pelvis, and coccyx. Design intent is to lift and support the pelvic floor and frame, when seated on the device, as well as offer a hands-free, stress and pain relieving massage, to alleviate pressure, enhance circulation, prevent blood clots, and reduce pain in the lower back and genital region.

T-Therapy is a portable heart shaped device. It is designed to comfortably sit upon and achieve the intended purpose by its cushioned outer frame elevating and supporting the pelvic floor and pelvic frame, which along with massage balls, alleviates pressure and increases circulation. At the same time, T-Therapy will decrease edema in the lower pelvic floor extremities. The massaging capability of T-Therapy is comprised of two massaging balls working in a circular formation. The massage capabilities along with a handy internal heating and cooling element are powered by an external switch and can be recharged or plugged in for immediate use. Once fully charged the device will last up to 12 hours or more.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in T-Therapy.
The Patent Pending T-Therapy was invented by Doctor Denise Burns, a pain management physician, of Port Washington, NY and co-inventors, Dorothy Belnavis of Elmont NY and Donna Sbarro of Port Washington, NY who said, “Managing pain is not always as simple as we wish it to be. But T-Therapy will work magically for a lot of those who suffer from coccyx and pelvic floor pain. It both lifts and supports the pelvic floor and frame of the pelvis alleviating pressure and enhancing circulation. It is similar to the donuts used for coccyx pain that people sit on to elevate their coccyx. It meets a real need in the world for those suffering certain types of pain.”

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