"Talons ": Chains Provide Tire Traction on Snow and Ice

This is a beneficial alert for all professional truck drivers. Save time, effort and money with this new product. The Talons are a dramatic improvement in the snow-chains used on the tires of tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks. Far lighter in weight than conventional chains, and featuring a unique, ratcheting means of tensioning, the Talons would greatly reduce both the time and labor required in installation, yet provide all the increased traction on ice and snow, for which chains are intended.

The Talons employ a heavy-duty, 1-inch nylon cargo strap, one section of which measures approximately 4 feet in length, and the other, equipped with a ratchet, approximately 6 inches in length. Both sections of strap terminate in a rubber- or vinyl-coated cargo hook. The two hooks connect with and secure either end of a 12-link steel chain (at any of several links, depending on the tire-size and level of tension desired); and the longer strap will pass from the inner sidewall of the tire, down through the corresponding hole or slot in the tire-rim, and thence upward into the ratchet of the shorter strap – to which tension can be applied as necessary for a proper fit.  Each hook can accommodate up to three sections of the 12-link chain, for greater traction. The Talons are lighter than conventional chains and easier to install. They provide a means of maximizing traction and save drives time in installing chains. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Talons. 
Talons is Patent Pending and was invented by Curtis Price of Simi Valley, CA who said, “Tire traction on snow and ice is vital. Using Talons is fast and takes less effort to install while increases the ability to move in winter weather conditions. Talons work.”

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