"Tangle Free Clippers": A Multifunctional Storage Unit

Invents unveils "Tangle Free Clippers" which reduce work station clutter for professional stylists and barbers.

​Tangled power cords are an ongoing and constant problem for professional barbers and hair stylists. The solution could very well be the Tangle Free Clippers. This is a multifunctional storage unit specifically designed to house electrical clippers. The design intent of the Tangle Free Clippers is to provide professionals with an easy means of keeping the elongated cords of these electrical appliances neat and organized. It is a storage cabinet that also features individual power outlets for use in powering the tools stored within the storage case/cabinet. The Tangle Free Clippers is a handled, briefcase-like unit measuring approximately 14” H x 18- to -24”W x 4- to -8” in depth.

The Tangle Free Clippers has a simple hinged door onto which handy areas are provided for storing various attachments used with clippers. A variation is considered and incorporated into the station which houses heated shaving cream for a barber's use. The product operates on conventional 110 volts, 60 hertz power and contains a master cord that would be connected to a traditional power outlet. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tangle Free Clippers.

The Patent Pending Tangle Free Clippers was invented by Peter Hernandez of Glendale Heights, IL, who said, “This product frees up valuable space in the work stations of professional barbers and hair stylists. It protects the cords and the user and by reducing clutter many workplace hazards are removed.”

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