"Tee Tiez": Works for Fashion-Conscious Males and Females

​The ability to change a fashion with minimum problems is the solution to many user’s fashion desires.  Tee Tiez is a simple-to-use fashion accessory tool with the intent to enable an individual personally and temporarily to “custom tailor” the fit and appearance of any T-shirt shirt, or blouse. Tee Tiez is also useful as a scarf-clasp. It expands fashion options by serving as a stylish accent or ornament in its own right with a variety of apparel. Tee Tiez provides a style for every individual to use and choose and it can be subtle, ornamental and/or fashionable. 

Tee Tiez is molded in a hard plastic with a generally oval or circular disk-like shape although other shapes will also be available. It has a centered opening that is circular or shaped like a comma. Tee Tiez are produced in a wide variety of colors and patterns and also embellished with faux gems, jewels, sparkle, words, letters, other symbols, similar accents and bling. Tee Tiez is versatile and not only tighten the bottoms, sides and tails of a shirt but is useful when serving as either neck-clasp for scarves or simply to add an accent to the scarf. When used on a scarf it is suggested the user pull the two ends of the scarf through and then adjust as desired. It is easy to use, affordable and fashion-conscious individuals will appreciate the ability to custom-tailor their T-shirts, shirts, blouses, and scarves to a style of his or her own preference. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Tee Tiez.

The Patent Pending Tee Tiez was invented by Sondra Lougee of Port Monmouth, NJ who said, “I hope that Tee Tiez will become a fashion trend as these accessories enable users of all ages to get more out of their wardrobe as well as temporarily expanding their fashion options. Tee Tiez is functional, stylish, fun to wear and use.” 

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Source: Invents Company


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