"The 24/7 Hunter": Someone is in the Tree Stand at All Times, or So It Seems

​If one uses a tree stand for deer hunting, then The 24/7 Hunter might just be the item they need. It is a line of realistic, full sized representations of a male or female deer hunter, dressed for the hunt, wearing their camouflaged gear and holding a bow or rifle. It would be placed in the tree stand when the hunter isn't in the stand. It is designed to avoid startling the wary deer, or other animals that are hunted. It will be manufactured of durable and weather resistant material, and have the ability to be folded to a small, flat package when not in use. A really unique possibility would be to find a celebrity to endorse The 24/7 Hunter, and allow their image to be used on the item.

The 24/7 Hunter will offer hunters a unique accessory that can be used in the field with their hunting stand at all times. It will disarm some of the deer's natural defenses, and give the hunter a significant edge in the age old tradition of predator and prey. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the 24/7 Hunter.

The Patent Pending 24/7 Hunter was invented by Joseph Obsharski of Branchville, NJ who said, “I thought that if the deer see something in the tree stand all the time, not just when I am hunting, they would get accustomed to the hunter's presence. This way they would not be startled when someone is in the tree stand. I have used the prototype of the 24/7 Hunter in my deer stand and it works very well.”

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