"The 3 in 1 Advanced Baby Bottle": One Simple and Easy-to-Use Bottle

Invents introduces "The 3 In 1 Advanced Baby Bottle" which provides fast brush-less cleaning, easy formula mixing with no mess and temperature control.

​The ability for a parent to have a bottle of formula always accessible for their child has a vital impact on caregivers and parents—as well as the child. The 3 In 1 Advanced Baby Bottle features a detachable storage canister that houses and dispenses powdered infant formula. It is incorporated into the base of the bottle. This bottle is unique in that it is easy to clean and can be held warm or reheated during the night or when away from home. These three distinct features make this the best of all possible baby bottles into one simple and easy-to-use bottle.

The 3 In 1 Advanced Baby Bottle can be separated (in half) for easy cleaning. A formula holder is built into the bottom of the bottle and all one need do is twist the tab to release formula powder into the bottle to mix with water. The third option is that it can heat, reheat and maintain the bottle at the desired temperature. These three options make this baby bottle the bottle of the present and the future. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The 3 In 1 Advanced Baby Bottle..

The Patent Pending The 3 in 1 Advanced Baby Bottle was invented by Israel Krausz of Brooklyn, NY who said, “My children are more or less the reason I designed the 3 In 1 Baby Bottle. I knew if it worked for me (and my wife and my babies) that it would work for all parents, babysitters and other caregivers. It is a practical product and all parents and children will benefit from its use. There will not be hungry, screaming babies in any home using this new bottle.”

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