"The 3 in 1 Exercise Rope": A Personal Exercise Apparatus

Invents introduces "The 3 in 1 Exercise Rope" that will supply fitness through a full-body workout when using this new tool.

Exercise equals fitness in the minds of almost everyone. The new 3 in 1 Exercise Rope is a personal exercise apparatus that combines a set of hand-weights with a retractable jump-rope and built-in pushup plates. The device is self-contained and easy-to-use. The 3 in 1 Exercise Rope offers consumers a compact, effective and affordable means of achieving a quick and thorough full-body workout for cardiovascular health and all-around toning.

The 3 in 1 Exercise Rope combines three articles of hand-held exercise apparatus into one — a pair of hand weights or dumbbells, a jump-rope and a set of push-up handles. The hand-weights have an iron core with a foam vinyl coating and are offered in 2-lb, 4-lb and 6-lb sizes and contain a retractable spring-loaded jump-rope that is concealed on a take-up reel within the handle of one weight and pulled out for attachment to the other. The rope, when not in use, is held securely on a spring-wound, ratchet-type take-up reel within one handle. The push-up plates are rectangular steel plates welded to the hand-weight bells and are also coated with a foam vinyl for non-marring and secure use. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the 3 in 1 Exercise Rope.

The Patent Pending 3 in 1 Exercise Rope was invented by Gena Alvarez of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Anything today that aids an individual in cardiovascular health is vitally important and I conceived the 3 in 1 Exercise Rope because I could see a real need for better physical fitness. This is affordable and compact and will aid every consumer using it on a daily basis. It works!”

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