The 3D Camera Concealer

The 3D Camera Concealer photographs wildlife via a secure and disguised 'hidden' camera.

The 3D Camera Concealer is a unique camera accessory designed to hold, conceal, and protect a camera being operated remotely to capture images of wildlife in natural habitats. It can be fastened securely around a tree or post, and can be concealed, permitting reliable remote operation. The 3D Camera Concealer was designed primarily for hunters in order to prevent theft of their trail cameras. Trail/game cameras are frequently used by hunters and, not surprising, stolen by others as they are a valuable asset. The purpose of the camera is to effectively conceal the camera with natural looking camouflage offered in a variety of patterns. The variety of patterns allows the user to match the terrain in which he or she will be using the camera.

The functionality of the 3D Camera Concealer is simple. It would be a slipcover or pouch in which the camera is inserted. It would be made to fit a variety of cameras with an opening that allows a clear line of sight for the lens and flash. The camera straps would be still be used as normal. With the 3D concealer the likelihood of the camera being stolen would dramatically reduce. The 3D Camera Concealer can be offered as an accessory to trail cameras and sold anywhere trail cameras are sold. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the 3D Camera Concealer.

The Patent Pending 3D Camera Concealer was invented by Scott Preston and Janine June, of Clinton, NJ, both of whom said, "This will be perfect for hunters or wildlife photographers because it can be produced in a variety of camouflage styles for different types of environments. We are both avid outdoor enthusiasts and we know that the 3D Camera Concealer works!"

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