"The AA Jig": Performs Hands-Free Cutting Safety for Bricklayers and Stonemasons

​Attention tradesmen!  Cutting safely is always a concern for masons and bricklayers. This new tool I the answer. The AA Jig is a multi-position, articulating clamp to be used for holding bricks throughout the process of cutting them. It is designed to facilitate a variety of cut – while enabling the user to position and hold the brick in a hand-free manner. The AA Jig permits bricklayers and masons to achieve clean and consistent cuts without endangering their fingers.

The AA Jig is made of tool-grade steel and consists of an articulating clamping mechanism mounted on a circular, flat steel plate. It measurers 22” L x 9” W x 6” D.  Flat steel plates oriented at 90º to one another form an L-shaped bed or cradle to hold the brick; the brick is held in place by means of a pair of modified C-clamps, the frames of which are welded to the plates of the cradle. The swivel-shoes are tightened by tommy-bars to press against the brick on either end. A lock-down bolt on the circular base permits the Jig to be rotated on a horizontal axis and the brick holder or cradle is itself adjustable. This permits the brick to be held securely in a wide variety of positions for the easiest access to cutting. The AA Jig has varied position to facilitate straight cuts, angled, curved and compound cuts. It works perfectly to ensure the safety of the worker doing the cutting.
Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the AA Jig.

The Patent Pending AA Jig was invented by Alvaro Aleman of Whittier, CA who said, “I have a prototype which works successfully. I work in the refractory and construction industry as both a bricklayer and welder and recognized the impact a tool like the AA Jig would have on the safety of the user. The AA Jig ensures precise and quality cutting and is far less danger than when a user must use their hands. Yes, it works!”

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