"The Adjustable Straps": With Removable Handles for Moving Objects

Heave and lift are typical words heard when trying to move certain items. The lifting and moving of big items such as freezers and refrigerators take patience and strength. However, the physical labor is made easier when utilizing the Adjustable Straps. The Adjustable Straps with Removable Handles for Moving Objects is a special-purpose, non-marring, adjustable strap system designed for securing and moving furniture and appliances. It is-easy-to-adjust for a wide variety of furnishings and features easy-to-grip handles that can be positioned anywhere along the straps for comfortable and convenient hand positioning. The adjustable straps enable two or more workers to quickly and efficiently secure, position, lift and carry objects ranging from bureaus to refrigerators and more.

The Adjustable Straps with Removable Handles for Moving Objects system consists of a woven nylon strap, 3”W x 10’L and is equipped with both an adjustable buckling mechanism and a set of handles to be placed at any point along the strap for a pair of convenient, secure handholds. The Adjustable Straps system is packaged as a single strap with two handles; or as a set of two or more straps with two handles per strap. The buckle mechanism permits multiple straps to be linked together to form a long single strap. Both the buckle mechanism and the removable handles are designed for ease of operation, reliability under load, and non-marring contact with the object being carried. The Adjustable Straps system is designed to permit two workers to prepare, lift, and move a wide variety of difficult, cumbersome objects – from dressers and bureaus to mattresses, box-springs, and appliances such as refrigerators and stoves. To prepare such objects, the workers would first wrap them securely with the Adjustable Straps, use the removable handles to create two or more handholds on either side of the object, then secure the straps via the buckles. Once the straps are buckled, the object may then be lifted and carried by the handles. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Adjustable Straps with Removable Handles for Moving Objects.
The Adjustable Straps with Removable Handles for Moving Objects is Patent Pending and was invented by Mark Rumbolt of Evanston, IL who said, “The design of this system is what makes moving so much easier and efficient. It works.”

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