"The Advanced Bed Frame": An Easy Means of Putting Frames Together Whether for Home or Travel

Invents unveils "The Advanced Bed Frame" which has modifications that make a product next to if not perfect.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary describes size in various ways but in the case of the Advanced Bed Frame the meaning is about the amount of space occupied by someone or something or how large or small it is, and it is similar to a series of measures of manufactured items such as furniture, food, clothing, etc. Size doesn’t always matter.  The Advanced Bed Frame has modified bed frame designs and enhances assembly, portability, and storage and is both lightweight and collapsible. The design intent is to provide an easy means of putting frames together whether for home or travel.
The Advanced Bed Frame retracts and expands in a telescoping manner and is instantly ready for use without the need for tools. It will compress so that the left and right sides can be brought together in a collapsed single unit which optimizes storage and transport. It can be assembled on demand and services the need of whether one is using the bed in a home or while traveling. It offers a choice between standard bed frame legs or legs with sturdy wheels to offer mobility.Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Advanced Bed Frame.
The Patent Pending Advanced Bed Frame was invented by Chukwunenye Onuoha and David Oyebola, both of Valley Stream, NY who said, “This is perfect because it provides users with a comfortable sleeping area and is just as valuable for use with children as it is with adults. It is an easily accessible extra bed for guests and solves many space problems for the resident.  It fits into a linen closet or even the trunk of a vehicle and users need not worry about trying to get comfortable in a common sleeping bag when roughing it outdoors because the frame accommodates any portable mattress providing all the comforts of home where ever it is used.”

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