"The Advanced Utility Knife": A Sliding-Blade Utility Knife With Its Own Pencil Sharpener

"The Advanced Utility Knife" works perfectly for every user—professional trades-person or amateur.

People all seem to have one, sometimes two, junk drawers in their home. A utility knife is a common item in one of these drawers. Tradesmen use utility knives every day on the job site and they are also great for the Do-It-Yourselfer and the handyman. This new Advanced Utility Knife has an improvement that many have no doubt considered, wished for or thought about . The Advanced Utility Knife is a sliding-blade utility knife, the handle of which incorporates its own pencil sharpener.

This single--edge utility knife has a contoured metal handle for easy gripping, a thumb-button to advance and retract the blade and is about five inches when the blade is retracted. It fits easily into a junk drawer or a carpenters belt or toolbox. It saves time on the job by having the tool the worker needs when needed. It is handy, compact and convenient and priced competitively with other utility/drywall knives. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Advanced Utility Knife.

ThePatent Pending Advanced Utility Knife was invented by Leon Manzo of Yonkers, NY who said, “I primarily designed the Advanced Utility Knife for tradespeople in the construction industry, but is an ideal tool for homeowners, apartment dwellers, handymen, and those whose projects require a utility knife and marking pencil. It works perfectly!”

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