"The Air Con Stabilizer": Stabilizes Window or Through-Wall Air Conditioning Units

Invents introduces "The Air Con Stabilizer" which allows millions of homes and businesses to benefit from safe installation of air conditioner units.

​The rise of air conditioning has changed the types of installation and thus today’s newer homes have ‘central’ air conditioning.  The Air Con Stabilizer solves the problem of stabilizing the millions of window or through-wall air conditioning units such as are found in older homes and similar to those installed in apartments, condo’s and hotel or motel rooms. The design intent is to provide consumers who have these units installed in their home or businesses with an effective and reliable means of stabilizing and securing these devices during use. As such the Air Con Stabilizer prevents the unit from accidentally falling from the window, damaging the unit and in some cases causing injury to pedestrians on the ground below.

The Air Con Stabilizer was designed to be installed on the exterior portion of the appliance that projects outside the home and is made of heavy duty steel and plastic Plexi material. It is designed to allow the free circulation of air. Running the length of the stabilizer is a fully adjustable support bar that adds structural integrity to the unit and serves to lock the unit within the window or wall niche. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Air Con Stabilizer

The Patent Pending Air Con Stabilizer was invented by Valentina Perez of Chicago, IL who said, “The Air Con Stabilizer is a huge improvement for buildings using window or thru-wall air conditioning units. It comes in a range of sizes in order to the fit numerous units.  It works and it is safe.”

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