"The Air Wedgy Pillow": Provides Support and Comfort to the User

The Webster-Merriam online dictionary describes the word comfortable as:  affording or enjoying contentment and security or affording or enjoying physical comfort.  This comfort is the key reason this new pillow is of interest.  It supplies comfort and support for the head and neck and can even be used to separate and cushion the legs. The Air Wedgy Pillow is a unique, inflatable wedge-shaped pillow featuring three separately-inflated, wedge-shaped air-bladders stacked one atop the other, such that users can inflate one, two, or all three bladders, thus adjusting the angle and depth of the pillow to their own needs. To be used for various parts of the body, the design intent is to offer consumers easily adjustable support and comfort resulting in a better night's sleep.

The Air Wedgy Pillow is fabricated in a smooth, flexible plastic with a soft fabric, washable cover. The pillow measures 35 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 35 inches in maximum depth. The Air Wedgy Pillow is comprised of three main wedge-shaped air bladders stacked one atop the other allowing the user to inflate one, two or all three bladders and adjusting the angle and depth of the pillow to his or her own needs. The pillow has an electric pump and valve like those of an air-mattress. The top surface is contoured for ergonomic support and cushioning. If used in a partially-inflated state the lower air-bladder(s) would be inflated first, and the upper air bladder(s) last. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Air Wedgy Pillow.
The Air Wedgy Pillow is Patent Pending and was invented by Alexis Santizo of Bolingbrook, IL who said, “This pillow is versatile and adjustable and offers support for the body in either a full or partially inflated state.  It rolls up into a compact package for travel or storage depending upon the situation or need of the user. It is comfortable, and it works.”

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