"The Alarm Stick": A Practical Safety Tool

Invents introduces "The Alarm Stick" which allows consumers to get fresh air without fear of intruder is simple when using this adjustable window and door stick.

Fresh air in the spring and in the fall is always welcome and many times the same is true in the winter time and during the summer. But safety has to be considered and that is a problem with leaving windows open. The Alarm Stick solves that problem. It is a specially designed portable and waterproof  alarm system that can be placed in the frameworks of open windows and door frames, serving as a barrier that emits a piecing alarm in the event that an attempt is made to breach the egress by an intruder. The design intent of the Alarm Stick is to provide consumers with a practical safety tool that enables them to enjoy the benefits of fresh air when opening a windows or doors.
The Alarm Stick is a cylindrical shaped unit offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs of the consumer for different sized doors (including patio doors) and windows. It is made of heavy duty metal/plastic materials and features electrical machinations that power the LED and the internal alarm mechanism. The center section of the Alarm Stick has the sophisticated alarm system and emits a high pitched piercing sound when activated by the unit motion detector. Televised test marketing was recently completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Alarm Stick.
The Patent Pending Alarm Stick was invented by Johnathon Alexander of Berwyn, IL who said “It allows one to leave a patio door or window partially open for fresh air while not being in immediate attendance. The Alarm Stick gives the user added security when leaving the opened door or window— protecting  in three ways—acts as a barrier that fits between the sliding entry way—has a built in alarm—and it beeps every 10 to 30 second intervals. It is also safe to fall asleep with windows open when using the Alarm Stick.”

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