"The Alert Lock": Equipment Remains Safe and Secure When Using This Device

The online Webster-Merriam dictionary describes padlock as: a removable lock with a shackle that can be passed through a staple or link and then secured. Basically, this is the description of the new Alert Lock. The Alert Lock is a padlock device featuring a transmitting and receiving system specially designed for securing bicycles and other items or areas that use a padlock. The design intent is to provide bicycle owners and all other consumers who use padlocks with a technologically advanced means of being instantly alerted should the lock be breached or broken. The Alert Lock can be utilized for far more than use just on bicycles.  It will work on virtually any item needing security.

The Alert Lock is offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate any security need. The internal components of the Alert Lock consist of a frequency generator, amplifier, internal antenna and the required electrical/electronic components and circuitry encased within its durable housing. Once the lock is engaged, the circuit is complete, and the Alert Lock is activated. The receiver portion of the Alert Lock is offered in the form of a digital application that is accessible via a smartphone, or even a tablet computer and/or PC. As such, the Alert Lock is activated should the transmitting circuit be broken via cutting the lock open or other unauthorized breach; when this occurs, the system sends an alert to the bike owner's electronic device in the form of a text message (or app/other notification) that could simply state, “Bike lock has been broken,” or “Alert Lock Breached.” He or she is then able to quickly act or call the authorities, and possibly prevent the theft of the bicycle, other piece of equipment, or facility secured by the Alert Lock.  To assist owners in not activating the alarm during authorized opening, the system includes a companion key that is synched with the lock's transmitting circuit. When the owner inserts this electronic key into the Alert Lock, he or she presses a button and temporarily disables the alarm. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Alert Lock.
The Alert Lock is Patent Pending and was invented by Ronnie Johnson, an inventor from California who said, “Locking completes the circuit but if the lock is broken the circuit is disconnected and sends a warning to the phone helping foil theft attempts. Tampering also alerts the owner and helps avoid hassles so common to the loss of property. It works.”

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