"The All in One": Pants & Shorts With Removable Knee Guards

The ability to move with ease during hot weather and in jobs that require one being on their knees is not always simple and easy.  These new pants/shorts are comfortable and easy to work in and were designed just for that purpose. The All In One Pants & Shorts with Removable Knee Guards is a line of augmented work pants, which easily convert to shorts and offer side openings for flexibility, featuring pouches on the knees which house comfortably cushioned, removable, custom-fit knee pads. Design intent is to provide consumers, particularly construction professionals, repair workers, and gardeners, a more practical and reliable alternative to standard knee pads.

The All In One Pants & Shorts with Removable Knee Guards is a line of enhanced "work uniform" type, combination pants/shorts featuring handy pouches in the knee area that house the knee pads in a secure manner. The unisex pants unisex are fashioned from a durable material such as canvas or reinforced denim. To accommodate users of any stature, the line is offered in an array of sizes common to trousers, from S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Unique to these pants and what sets them apart from common apparel is found in the knee pouches. These pocket-like receptacles are accessed via a top flap secured by a zipper with sufficient room to house the provided knee pads. The rectangular pads are gently contoured upwards to cup the knee cap and comprised of heavy duty, lightweight, non-skid silicone rubber material. The pads are offered in a variety of densities to accommodate the weight of the user. Each insert features a series of horizontal ribs, designed to “grip” the knee through the pants material in a comfortable, yet steady fashion, thus preventing internal slippage. Snap closures to allow for side-open flexibility near the knee guards is included. To convert the pants to shorts, a zipper is located just below the knee area allowing the bottom portion of the pant legs to be removed to create the shorts. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the All In One Pants & Shorts with Removable Knee Guards.
The All In One Pants & Shorts with Removable Knee Guards is patent pending and invented by Fidencio Ortega, a construction professional and inventor from Brooklyn, NY who said, “Certain jobs will bring a user to their knees and if this is a daily occupational situation then comfort is an important consideration; these new pants and shorts work and aid the user keeping him or her free of changing and breakage so common to standard knee pads. The All In One Pants & Shorts with Removable Knee Guards work perfectly.”

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