"The Alternating Pattern Car Seat Butt Mover": Provides Comfort for Career Drivers in Trucks or Cars.

Driving mile after mile in a vehicle can be mesmerizing to one’s mental capacity and even worse on the physical body. This will change when this new unit is in place in the vehicle. The Alternating Pattern Car Seat Butt Mover is a specially designed car seat cushion that utilizes a series of individual, internal inflatable bubbles which inflate and deflate in various patterns, shifting support for the muscles of the buttocks, back and legs, alternating pressure points. The design intent is to provide those who must sit in vehicles for extended periods with a simple and effective means of alleviating strain and fatigue in this area.

The unit is sized appropriately to cover the entire vehicle seat. The therapeutic qualities consist of a series of internal, sturdy and comfortable inflatable bubbles that extend from the top of the unit down to the seat itself. As the user is seated, individual bubbles or sections of bubbles inflate and deflate in various patterns on different points along the buttocks, legs, and back, deflating as they move to other areas. As such it is like shiatsu massage chairs as the inflation works in a rotating fashion alternating pressure on the affected areas of the body and improves circulation. A vacuum/compressor serves to deflate and inflate the bubbles respectively when the unit is switched on. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Alternating Pattern Car Seat Butt Mover.
The Alternating Pattern Car Seat Butt Mover is patent pending and was invented by Scott Alexander of Chicago, Illinois, who said, “Unless one only drives to the market and back home or to church on Sunday and then to the home of friends or family, it can be difficult to recognize the discomfort coming from riding for miles over the highways. The use of the Alternating Pattern Car Seat Butt Mover rotates pressure points to hit all affected muscles and allows users to sit comfortably for far longer periods of time. It works perfectly.”

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