"The Animal Waste Vac": A Specially Designed Dog Waste Collection Device

"The Animal Waste Vac" is a hands-free way to collect and to discard animal waste.

Dog owners love their pets, but do not love cleaning up the pet's waste. The Animal Waste Vac can help with this distasteful chore. A specially designed dog waste collection device, the Animal Waste Vac is a hand-held vacuum that provides an easy way to collect and discard animal waste. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Animal Waste Vac.

The Patent Pending Animal Waste Vac was invented by Catherine Griffin of Bloomfield, NJ, who said, “The nozzle of the Animal Waste Vac is large enough to easily accommodate large waste matter and is retractable in order to compact the entire assembly. Included are waste collection bags, sized and shaped appropriately to line the vacuum nozzle. Waste is deposited directly into the collection bag when suctioned off the ground. Manufactured of a biodegradable sanitary paper material similar to coffee filters, the bags have small vents that allow the suction force to work through the bag. A push button ejector switch dispels the bagged waste matter from the vacuum nozzle directly into the trash.”

The inventor added, “In the handle of the Animal Waste Vac is a fully retractable, spring loaded dog leash. On the end of this leash is a simple clasp fastener for securing the leash to the animal's collar.”

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