"The Anti-Spider Night Light": A Spider Deterrent Based on Light Frequencies

​Phobias and certain fears are real but there are treatments to help people cope. In the case of a spider phobia true sufferers will avoid areas where spiders “hang out”. Keeping spiders out of spaces where one sits or sleeps is beneficial. The Anti-Spider Night Light is a spider deterrent and night light system that incorporates child and/or pet safe red rope LED lighting placed inside closets and underneath and around beds and sofas. With red lighting promoting sleep, peaceful energy and other health benefits, the five light zones offered here provides users with an effective means of keeping spiders and their potential bites away. It also offers the abundant benefits of red light therapy and a night light.

The Anti-Spider Night Light incorporates red, LED safety rope and flat LED lighting inside closets, underneath and around beds and headboards, cribs, and sofas, in homes, lodging establishments, and hospitals. The Anti-Spider Night Light should be active twenty-four hours a day to achieve optimal effect. A five-channel power supply unit offers 5 light zones. This product is the last line of defense after extermination services have been performed. And, the soothing benefits of red light therapy will further assist anyone who may be overly anxious in falling asleep. The Anti-Spider Night Light provides an ample nightlight and keeps closet shelves and other areas covered by a force field distasteful to spiders as well.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Anti-Spider Night Light.
The Patent Pending Anti-Spider Night LightÔ was invented by Wilfred White and Stephanie Stieler who said, “Certain light frequencies are annoying to insects (including spiders) such as orange, red, or yellow. This is great for around a bed, a crib, a sofa or similar type areas. No more spider bites or webs. Comforting sleep and peace of mind is the result when utilizing the Anti-Spider Night Light. It works!”

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