"The Antvan": A Fashion Statement With the Look of Taped Cleats Worn by Football Players

Invents unveils "The Antvan": a caring father gives kids same "cool" taped cleat appearance as that worn by NFL players.

Parents often spend more money than may be available for certain things for their kids. Youth want to be in fashion and never consider the cost of an item to the parent. The Antvan is a fashion statement similar to the wrist bands and head bands seen frequently on kids. It is a spat-like covering to be worn over athletic shoes with the intent to provide a stylish means of accentuating one's footwear while emulating the look of taped cleats worn by football players. It is offered in a range of colors that celebrate various sports teams and can also be worn by athletes as a secure and affordable means of taping their cleats prior to a game.

The Antvan line of spat-like coverings to be worn over footwear encompasses the ankle and a bit upwards on the leg and is held securely over the center heel of the shoe on which it is applied. The material is a stretchy cotton blend, nylon, or comparable fabrics used in the manufacturer of athletic socks. It is a one piece unit with a tubular neck designed to wrap around the ankle. There is a two piece covering that wraps around the shoe and is held in place on the underside of the shoe by way of heavy duty adjustable Velcro® fasteners. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Antvan.

The Patent Pending Antvan was invented by Michael Lasako of Staten Island, NY who said, “Antvan was named for my son, Anthony and daughter, Vanessa. Basically the Antvan provides the same fashionable look as the taped clean appearance worn by a pro but doesn't require the continuous cost of tape and extra socks. Antvan is available in various sizes to accommodate footwear worn by adults, teens and children as well as a wide variety of colors and natural hues. And Antvan supports and stops the laces from becoming untied or loose. Antvan is not difficult to put on either.”

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