"The Athletic Facial Support": Eliminates Wear and Tear on Facial Muscles When Exercising

Jogging and high-impact exercise have a common problem­­—facial skin and neck sagging. It is important to support the facial muscles and to that end this new product is the answer. The Athletic Facial Support is a one-piece stretchable loop-like unit, which adjusts to accommodate all face shapes and sizes and is configured to be worn beneath the chin and neck area of the face and up and around the head. Comprised of a sheer, hypoallergenic, breathable, and expandable material, the design intent is to provide exercise enthusiasts with a practical tool which would support the facial and neck muscles when running, jumping or otherwise engaging in physical activity thus preventing neck and facial drooping.

The elongated Athletic Facial Support is a loop-like brace manufactured of soft and breathable, hypoallergenic, stretchable material. It is ultra-sheer and lightweight and offers UV protection. The loop-like unit ensures a customized and formfitting hold during wear because it cradles the chin and neck area. It wraps beneath the neck and is stretched upwards and secured around the top of the head. Offered in a variety of sheer flesh tones, the Athletic Facial Support is designed to be virtually undetectable when worn. Though this expandable product adjusts to accommodate users of many shapes and sizes, variously sized Athletic Facial Support units are also produced. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Athletic Facial Support.
The Athletic Facial Support is Patent Pending and was invented by Maureen DiBernardo of Kings Park, NY who said, “Bouncing up and down while exercising and jogging damage the face and skin because of constant wear and tear. Losing facial tone can happen to both men and women. This unit limits the abuse of facial and neck skin of athletic individuals by keeping the face toned and tight. It works.”

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