"The Auto Car Window Screen": Allows Riders to Roll Down Their Windows Without Worrying About Pests

​The Auto Car Window Screen is a line of specially designed, fabricated window screens for use with automobiles. They are designed to provide consumers with a convenient, effective means of giving shade and ventilation, while also preventing objects such as insects from entering the vehicle while driving, or while parked or sitting in a vehicle with the windows open. It will be made of a variety of metal, plastic, or fabric materials in mesh form. To make a secure attachment easy, the screen can be made available with mounting brackets, or a sliding track system like the operational components of the window itself. The screen can be raised or lowered as needed either manually or electronically. This feature could also be installed at the time of manufacturer.

The Auto Car Window Screen will allow motorists to drive with the windows down without worrying about bugs flying into their car. Extremely easy to use, The Auto Car Window Screen can be attached to and removed from a car window in a matter of seconds. While ideal for keeping bugs out of your vehicle, it will also protect you against flying debris such as dirt, dust particles, and rocks. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Auto Car Window Screen.
The Patent Pending Auto Car Window Screen was invented by Norris Brown of Brooklyn, NY who said, “I thought of this while stuck on a highway with a broken-down car and needed the windows down, but the bugs were so bad it was impossible to do this. A screen on the window would solve the whole problem!”

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