"The Auto Shut Off Time for Gas Stove": Provides Safety and Reduces Unintended Use of Propane

Unless you are a true outdoor chef it can be difficult to know when to turn off the propane and/or more important when the tank is totally turned off. Costly food can be overcooked if not burned and often inedible. That will not happen when this device is in use. The Auto Shut Off Timer For Gas Stove is a portable timer mechanism connected to a stove's gas line which can be pre-set to turn off the fuel supply to the stove top after a designated period of time has passed, up to 60 minutes. The design intent is to prevent foods from burning or overcooking, and more importantly, to prevent accidental fires from occurring that could result should one unintentionally leave a hot burner on. The Auto Shut Off Timer For Gas Stove might also be used on gas grills.

This is an aftermarket accessory to be utilized on existing gas stoves, the Auto Shut Off Timer For Gas Stove can also be employed on gas or propane powered grills and similar appliances. A small, square shaped unit featuring a shatterproof plastic casing and metal and electronic components, the Auto Shut Off Timer For Gas Stove features a simple, circular shaped control knob located on the front of the device that can be set to shut off the fuel line at any interval between one and sixty minutes. A highly conspicuous indicator light is positioned directly below the control knob and is automatically activated when the unit is in use. The Auto Shut Off Timer For Gas Stove boasts an integrated alarm mechanism which sounds when the designated time has passed. This portable timer can be connected to the gas line via a simple connection valve located on the back of the unit. This valve is designed to close or shut off the gas line when the allotted time has passed extinguishing the flame to the burner(s) and essentially turning off the appliance. The Auto Shut Off Timer For Gas Stove can be powered by way of an internally contained rechargeable battery or via mechanical machinations. Installation instructions are included with the unit. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Auto Shut Off Timer For Gas Stove. 
The Auto Shut Off Timer For Gas Stove is Patent Pending. It was invented by Ronald Concepcion of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA who said, “This device is easy to apply and will automatically shut off the burner at a pre-set time. No matter what one is cooking, the food will be automatically turned off without burning or getting dried out. This is the answer to propane gas cooking and it works.”

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