"The Auto Slider": Prevents Bedsores and Keeps Patient Comfortable

The personal comfort of a bed-bound patient should result in healthy skin and less pain for that individual. Being able to move up or down can make the difference in the comfort factor. The Auto Slider is a hydraulically-operated (manually-operated in an emergency) bed sheet system featuring an automated tilting component that serves to elevate a person on demand and alleviate pressure to specific points of the body. The design intent is to allow a bedridden patient to automatically and independently raise upward and move themselves into a comfortable position without having to wait on assistance thus immediately making the patient more comfortable while preventing the formation of bed sores in a manner that is safe for both the patient and the health care provider. Anyone who has cared for a bedridden loved one will quickly see the benefit of the Auto Slider.

The frame of the Auto Slider system is fabricated of a durable metal material, with dual frames positioned at each end of a bed. A sturdy yet soft cotton sheet is stretched between these frames, with a spindle to roll the sheet in and out as the product is used. The patient lies upon the sheet which measures approximately 120”L x 36”W although larger sizes are available when needed. The most notable aspect of the Auto Slider is found in the inclusion of an automated tilting system built into the bed frame. Configured with hydraulically enhanced adjustability, the Auto Slider offers a remote-control device that, with the simple pressing of a button, will tilt the bottom frame upward, elevating the feet; the top frame also tilts upward so that the head is elevated. As an additional consideration, this product can be programmed to automatically tilt in each direction at evenly spaced intervals. As such, the easy movement inherent in the Auto Slider continuously shifts the body serving to reduce pressure to specific areas and, in turn, greatly reduces the risk of bedsores. If needed, a manual crank is provided to operate the system. A replacement sheet is provided in case the primary sheet is soiled. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Auto Slider.
The Auto Slider is Patent Pending and invented by Jennifer Zeigler, a health care professional from Lucerne Valley, CA who said, “This lightweight sheet is strong and able to automatically pull an individual up in the bed simply by pressing the button or using the easy-to-use manual override. It can be done by the patient or the caregiver making it doubly useful. The two rollers and silent motor feed the material and when activated, either by the remote or the override,  serves to alleviate pressure to specific points of the body reducing the strain and stress placed on bony or cartilaginous areas that happens because of long hours spent bed bound. It works.”

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