"The Automatic Menu": A Touchscreen Menu Board

"The Automatic Menu" leaves less chance for error by eliminating an audible but unseen order-taker.

Drive-thru restaurants are all over the place and now there is a new wrinkle to placing an order to the 'hidden' order taker. The Automatic Men is a touchscreen menu board located at the order point of a drive-thru restaurant. The Automatic Men will revolutionize the drive-thru experience by allowing consumers to place their order via touchscreen menu options, enabling consumers to add or subtract items to personalize their order. The user can also confirm the order, pay, and receive a receipt—all in one simple-to-use system that would does not require vocal communication.

The Automatic Menu is a weatherproof electronic menu board for everything the restaurant offers with food and drink items categorized making for simple selections. An add, subtract and substitute touch screen selection is included for use in personalizing orders. Once satisfied with their o4rder users can insert cash or credit or debit card and finalize payment using the keypad. Change for cash orders, along with a receipt for all purchases is dispensed through the designated slots similar to those at self-checkouts at the grocery store. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional interest in the Automatic Men.

The Patent Pending Automatic Menu was invented by Tracy Aubrey and LaKimya Johnson of Los Angeles, CA who said, “The Automatic Menu completely removes guesswork and the user no longer has to struggle with the hard-to-hear and crackly speakers and microphones typical of most drive thrus. The Automatic Menu is the solution to make drive-thru ordering faster, more convenient and accurate and will end those long lines.”

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