"The Baby Bundle": A Cozy, Pouch-Like Blanket Designed to Swaddle a Baby

"The Baby Bundle": swaddling and/or restricting a baby in clothing provides both warmth and comfort.

Attention new parents! Swaddling a baby in comfort and warmth, similar to what he or she had while the womb is important to a baby's well-being. The Baby Bundle is a cozy, pouch-like blanket designed expressly to swaddle the body of a baby in warmth and comfort. The Baby Bundle boasts integrated flap panels that secure and fold over the child snuggles within and utilized when the baby is placed into a infant carrier, car seat, crib or even when held by Mom or Dad. The Baby Bundle serves to keep the infant warm while providing the comfort associated with being gently swaddled.

The blanket is comprised of a pouch-like base panel on which the parent would lay the child. Extending from either side and the base of the panel is an extended flap panel designed to be pulled up or over (depending upon the positioning) the infant. Velcro® fasteners on either side of the closed pouch provide a secure closing. As such the baby is swaddled in a triple layer of protection. An alternate design of the Baby Bundle has separate components and a zipper closure running the length of each outer seam. In addition, an optional accessory is a protective hood or “face blanket” which can be placed over the child's face when transporting the baby outdoors during cold and inclement weather. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Baby Bundle.

The Patent Pending Baby Bundle was invented by Tashina Mungin of Philadelphia, PA who said, “There is not a single parent I know who does not appreciate the result of swaddling their infant. The Baby Bundle is available in a wide variety of colors, prints, and designs including pastels and bright hues and is a practical alternative to ordinary baby blankets that often come loose. The Baby stays securely fastened at all times and prevents the baby from becoming uncovered and cold.”

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