"The Baby Touch": Offers a Tray Full of Entertainment When in a High Chair

​The attention span of a toddler can be shorter than the parent or caregiver would enjoy. But this new product is an aid that will keep children in a high chair entertained for hours. The Baby Touch is an audio-video enhanced, (spill proof) touch screen, interactive, high chair tray cover. It is designed to safely attach to an existing high chair, or be integrated at the point of manufacture.  The design intent is to provide a children's product that keeps Baby amused and entertained with fun, educational concepts, while the child is confined to a high chair.

Baby Touch features the common contoured tray shape of a high chair and is fabricated of a thin plastic material that is a spill-poof with a gel-like coating that is soft to the child’s touch. When children have nothing to do they become distracted and whiny.  The features in Baby Touch keep the child occupied with pictures of animals, scenery, objects, music and simple text items. Images can be displayed via Wi-Fi or other wireless technology and a specialized program featuring a variety of modules available to partner with the Baby Touch. Power to the unit is provided b y a rechargeable battery source. Baby Touch literally transforms high chair visits into a fun and educational experience. Parents, daycare and childcare providers as well as babysitters and grandparents will appreciate Baby Touch almost as much as the child.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Baby Touch.
The Patent Pending Baby Touch was invented by Simon Kalendarev of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Kids become easily bored, cranky and distracted and a happier baby is what everyone wants. The Baby Touch is an aid that entertains a youngster with modules that are in color and audio. It distracts a child from whining, screaming or yelling when sitting in the high chair. It works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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