"The Back Wash": Cleans Hard-to-Reach Body Area With Comfort and Ease

Personal care is vital to everyone and the shower is where one can cleanse themselves and end up smelling fresh. This is even easier to accomplish when using this new device. The Back Wash is a self-contained, battery-powered, waterproof, motorized back-scrubber/conditioner/massager designed to mount on the shower wall by means of suction cups. It scrubs the upper back of the user with three variable-speed, interchangeable rotary brush-heads. It is the perfect addition to any bath/shower area and is especially useful to those who suffer limitations of flexibility and mobility. The Back Wash enables virtually any user to wash, scrub, condition, and massage any area of his or her upper back without assistance.
The Back Wash features a waterproof, rounded-triangular shaped molded-plastic case, 7”H x 12”W  x 2”in thickness.  The back of the device has multiple suction-cups which it attaches to the shower wall and a gasket-sealed battery compartment. The Back Wash operates on a 6-volt battery that powers a variable-speed motor (Lo, Med, Hi) which drives the three rotary brushes. The three brushes with detachable heads are situated at the three apexes of the rounded triangle and extend out beyond the surface of the unit. An On/Off and speed setting button is located on the face of the Back Wash. A small door or hatch at the center top opens through which body-wash or a similar liquid or lotion is poured and travels to each of the three brush-heads by means of tubes. The brush-heads are removable, washable, replaceable, and interchangeable and offered in Soft, Medium and Hard. A set of sponge-heads and a set of massage-heads or balls are also available. A second door on the center bottom can be opened to drain the unit after use. To rinse the unit, the user pours water into the top opening with the brushes running and open the bottom to let the rinse-water run through. A ring-pulled drawer compartment, incorporated into one side of the unit provides watertight storage space for pill bottles, making it convenient for users to take their medication in the shower. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Back Wash.
The Back Wash is Patent Pending and was invented by Zareh Zohrabian of Glendale, CA who said, “When showering this unit allows instant access to the users own upper back. When a spouse or mate is not available to scrub one’s back, this device does it without effort. It permits the user to reach, scrub and massage the back regardless of user mobility or lack of flexibility.  It is perfect for all age users, whether a youngster, a senior, or one limited to physical movement.”
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