"The Basketball Drying Handprint": A Line of Athletic Basketball Shorts and Tops

"The Basketball Drying Handprint" provides the right spot for players searching to "Get A Grip".

​Special sportswear is important for all determined players and, in all cases, wet or damp hands do not work properly, particularly when an athlete is looking to get a firm grip on a ball. The new Basketball Drying Handprint is a line of athletic basketball shorts and tops featuring a section of absorbent material in the form of a hand print. The design intent is to provide basketball players with a more hygienic, yet highly effective, method of removing perspiration from the hands during play. It need not be limited to the sport of basketball because this product could be made available in many variations of sportswear.
The Basketball Drying Handprint is a line of athletic shorts and shirts that have a section of absorbent material (in the form of a handprint, thus the name) this is readily accessible and a sanitary method of sweat reduction that can be used as often as needed. The material dries long before the polyester and nylon of a uniform. It is available in numerous team colors and the water resistance of the area makes for one terrific handprint that dries almost as fast as it is utilized.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Basketball Drying Handprint.
The Patent Pending Basketball Drying Handprint was invented by Alethia Walcott-McPherson of Elwood NJ who said, “Having watched my nephew and his teammates play ball, I viewed players licking their hands and then swiping them across the sole of their sneakers to relieve the moisture and get a grip. To be honest, I envision this style and design to be one that every athlete will want for their own. It is not only stylish but it works.”

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